Kule bilder 2




"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence."


- Ansel Adams



Her kan dere se flere kule bilder av meg og ting som jeg driver med. Bildene er forskjellige seg imellom med ulike motiver og komposisjon.

Noen av bildene er av meg, andre av venner og folk jeg kjenner, steder jeg har vært, blomstende trær og busker, mat og drikke, når jeg med cigaren i munnviken leser Hemingway, gode bøker som jeg leser, en alle tiders flott dame, og ting som jeg driver med på fritden.

Musikk er selvsagt lagt til bildene.

Enjoy the ride!



Recipe For Life

This recipe is mine
but as in the past
Change as you wish
stir slow or stir fast

Start with a half cup of infanthood
to instill a deep need of another
To form a deep bond
with a Father and Mother

Now add a cup of childhood
with a dash of growing pains
Add 2 tablespoons of common sense
which will surely swell into brains

One ounce of clumsy
for most will do
Add more if you like
it is up to you

Now this must be added slowly
one half cup of teenage years
For it includes uncertainty
and many hopes and fears

Add one ounce of know it all
and some young adult hood
You must add these ingredients
for things to be misunderstood

Two ounces of humility
stirred gently, should suffice
You may have already added discipline
so it is understood, mistakes have a price

One cup of sense of humor
and add the same in laughter
These will flavor life
many years after

Now a little pain must be added
and yes some sadness must be too
But I'm afraid the amount
is not up to me or you

You must add Love 
many times along the way
It cannot be measured
but is in what you do and say

The world is the oven
and the recipe is life
We have all been through it
with its happiness and strife

Terry Mar