Å elske på et persisk teppe...

En persisk teppe butikk i Morica Han (Bosnia-Hercegovina). Morica Han ble bygget under Det osmanske rikets glansdager i 1551. Kunsten å veve vakre fargerike tepper oppstod for omlag 4000 år siden, og persiske tepper har sine røtter i det persiske rike 2000 år tilbake i tid. Persiske tepper ansees som noe av det fineste innen orientalsk kunst, og over hele verden har palasser, museer, rike hjem og berømte bygninger dekket sine gulv med slike tepper. Persiske tepper håndknyttes og er derfor meget kostbare. Basis farge er rødt, ofte med sort og brunt, og mønstrene er ornamenter.




"When all your love are destilled,

you will cast just two votes:

To love more, and be happy."


- Shams al-din Hafiz 




O beautiful wine-bearer, bring forth the cup and put it to my lips

Path of love seemed easy at first, what came was many hardships.

With its perfume, the morning breeze unlocks those beautiful locks

The curl of those dark ringlets, many hearts to shred strips.


In the house of my Beloved, how can I enjoy the feast

Since the church bells call the call that for pilgrimage equips.

With wine color your robe, one of the old Magi´s best tips

Trust in this traveler´s tips, who knows of many paths and trips.


The dark midnight, the faerful waves, and the tempestuous whirlpool

How can he know of our state, while ports house unladen ships

I followed my own path of love, and now I am in bad repute

How can a secret remain veiled, if from every tongue it drips?


If his precense you seek, Hafiz, then why yourself eclipse?

Stick to the One you know, and let go of imaginary trips.


- Hafiz






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