30. jan, 2017



"Without the library, you have no civilization."


- Ray Bradbury









Ancient Civilization

Ancient civilization mushroomed in a fashion 
But stood like rock for future anticipation 
Brotherhood and faith were the corner stone 
But in space of time everything has gone

What did it give in for future generation? 
Bloody wars and seizure of land with annexation 
Compulsory conversion and forceful adoption 
We all know people has no other option

Yet there remained firm belief
The name of god or almighty gave them relief
The meaning of good and evil was made understood
Religion and faith became integral part as food

Feudal system too prevailed with same ideology 
One religion to be spread over on the name of almighty
No option but only to witness bloodshed and surrender
That was the royal decree and special order 

Emergence of somewhat liberal system brought changes
The education and wealth brought about ways to manage
Even though that remained as secret agenda for many states
The moot point was to grant liberation without any dictate

Yet religion stood at the root in the mind of the people
With only one hope that it may ward off any trouble
God may help and side with their truthful pray
Grant prosperity and evil might be kept away

Let there be thousands of religion
Each one has its importance in the regions
It lightens mood early in the morning
When we hear name of the god and face turns shining

We sincerely bow head in recognition 
For many religions who have strong inhibitions
Let them pray, preach and propagate in their own way
It must remain distant dream to spread the terror and sway 

- Hasmukh Amathalal





Civilization - 1980 board game (Wikipedia):